Preservica APIs - reference information

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The API Reference section describes a number of high-level interfaces that can be used by external systems to automate and interrogate a deployed Preservica system.

Preservica Entity REST APIProvides read access to the full Preservica data model, plus endpoints for entity creation and modification, and for package upload
Upload Content (S3 Compatible)Implementation of S3 protocol for package upload, including multipart upload for large packages
Progress Token APIAllows for monitoring of long-running tasks (such as file upload via Entity API)
Process Monitoring APIAPI for retrieving and updating monitoring information about processes
Access Token APIAuthentication API that generates time-limited access tokens required by the remaining APIs
Preservica CMIS InterfaceA standard protocol for interaction with content management systems
Content APISearch-based, read-only API for accessing metadata and content for display on discovery platforms
SIP Creator Command LineCommand-line program for creation of Preservica submission packages
OAI-PMH Data ProviderAn open, standard protocol for metadata harvesting
Linked Data Registry REST ServicesProvides create, read, update and delete functionality for objects in the Preservica Registry


Preservica’s REST API allows 3rd party systems to query for metadata and content stored in the archive.

Resources are accessed through a single HTTP request, using a unique URL for each resource.

The Preservica CMIS interface provides another means of accessing both metadata and content in the archive, using the open standard CMIS protocol ( not all methods of the CMIS protocol are implemented by Preservica. Only a read-only view of the data in the archive is provided.

Preservica provides an Open Archives Initiative Protocol for Metadata Harvesting (OAI-PMH) Data Provider implementation for metadata harvesting (see This allows an external system to harvest metadata for the logical entity hierarchy in the archive, i.e. structural objects (folders) and information objects (assets).

The Linked Data Registry REST Services provide a means of accessing file format and migration pathway information from the Preservica Technical Registry.

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