Developer Blog - API Summary in Preservica 6.10

Richard Smith | October 10th 2023
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This post provides you with a summary of the API updates we have made in Preservica 6.10.

If you've been using Preservica for a while and just want to know what changed, you can look for the relevant paragraph at the end of each section. APIs which haven't changed will no longer be listed in these posts. If you're new to the Preservica APIs then the documentation index page will take you to the technical documentation for most of our APIs. For a descriptive summary you can look through articles on this dev blog for the version the API was introduced in, or for those that have been around for a while then this article for Preservica 6.3) has the summary.

Most of our APIs also have online documentation which you can get to from this index page.

Preservica 6.10 is a Cloud-only release and is not a Long Term Support (LTS) release. These API changes will be made available to non-cloud environments with our next LTS release, currently planned to be around the end of 2023.

Authentication API

Before you use any of our other APIs, you'll need to get an access token through this one, via /api/accesstoken/login.

Changes since 6.9

  • You can now obtain an access token with restrictions from an existing user session via POST /acquire-restricted. The new token will have less rights than the existing session, so it is safer to share or use where it can be intercepted (e.g. sending to a browser UI). You can restrict based on roles, permissions and entities.

Metadata API

This API allows you to manage the new view of descriptive metadata. There are endpoints under /forms to manage metadata forms, which are the way to define how descriptive metadata should be viewed and edited in a UI, and /groups to manage metadata groups, which let you define some descriptive metadata without specifying an XML schema.

This API is marked Provisional as we're still working on it and there may be breaking changes.

Changes since 6.9

  • You can now delete a group. This will also delete all forms, templates and schema documents used by the group.

Administration and Management API

This is a new API to manage authentication configuration, in particular information allowing you to set up SAML. This will allow you to pre-configure your tenant to be ready to use our new authentication approach when it is fully rolled out. There will be more information about this in the coming releases.

This API is marked Provisional as we're still working on it and there may be breaking changes.

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