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Process Monitor web app and API

The idea of process monitoring is to give a high level view on processes running in the system, without needing to worry about tracking multiple workflows (in the case of a batching workflow like Incremental Ingest or an internally triggering one like Web Ingest) or having to find information about non-workflow processes (e.g. secondary staging, automatic preservation actions from settings).

Richard Smith
February 17th 2023

Creating complex assets within an OPEX

Up to now users needed to create PAX zips. Users would need to create a zipped folder structure, with optional XIP for fixity information. In Preservica 6.6.1 we are adding the ability to use PAX folders without having to zip them up, and also without having to use XIP metadata when adding fixity information.

Jody Palmer
January 11th 2023

Architectural Changes for Preservica’s Future

As we try to expand and scale our business, it’s time for us to bring in some standard industry practices regarding modern architecture, scalability and resilience.

Richard Smith
June 24th 2022

API Summary in Preservica 6.5

This post provides you with a summary of the APIs we have in Preservica 6.5, and the latest new features.

Simon Olivari
May 5th 2022

API Summary in Preservica 6.4

This post provides you with a summary of the APIs we have in Preservica 6.4, and the latest new features.

Richard Smith
December 23rd 2021
Getting Started

Custom Reporting via the Preservica Content API

Preservica provides a REST API to allow users to query the underlying search engine. In this article we will show how CSV documents can be returned by the API.

James Carr
November 29th 2021

API Summary in Preservica 6.3

In this post I'll give you a summary of what APIs we have in Preservica 6.3, and what new features you might be interested in. If you've been using Preservica for a while and just want to know what changed, you can look for the relevant paragraph at the end of each section, and for more details, you can look at the release notes from the three versions (6.2.1, 6.2.2 and 6.3). If you're new to the Preservica APIs then you can use the whole article as a reference.

Richard Smith
May 19th 2021
Getting Started

Using OPEX and PAX for Ingesting Content

Preservica has developed the concept of an OPEX (Open Preservation Exchange) package, a collection of files and folders with optional metadata, as a way to organise content into an easy to understand format for transfer into or out of a digital preservation system. Although we have created it, we hope suppliers of digital content to be preserved, and other digital preservation systems, will use it due to its simplicity.

Richard Smith
January 28th 2021
Preservica Users

Leveraging the Preservica API for Data Exports

The journey to become a trusted digital repository is a significant endeavour for any organization. As part of LAC’s (Library and Archives Canada) efforts in this regard, over the past two years we have been testing and integrating our workflows with Preservica to support LAC’s management of digital holdings.

Maxime Champagne
November 9th 2020